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neshreen's App For GM and FM.

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1 neshreen's App For GM and FM. on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:10 am

Name: Aljon Jee Gleyo Jauhali

Age: 17

Country: Philippines

Online Time: Available from Monday-Sat; Usual 10:30-2:00pm (MWF), 11:00am-6:00Pm(TThSat)m NightShift only happens when i have time.

Known languages: English (Fluently), Filipino (Fluently), Japanese (Little)

Game playing experience:
I have been playing Aion for about 1 year now. I've been in Gamez since v1.9. I'm pretty much aware of bugs and glitches.
I've been a GM of different games in the past: (KingzMu, Athena's Mu, LastFantasy Mu, OrangeFlyff, EchelonedWoW)

How can I help the server:
- Assist/help/teach players in game wthout hesitation (When I say it, I do it.)
- Host In game events (Which I usually do in my past GM Experience).
- Monitor Abyss & Balaurea which sometimes becomes a Hacking Paradise.
- Check players who are suspicious of Hacking/RMT/3rd Party Users & Bug Exploitation.

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