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1 RUBY'S GM APPLICATION on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:43 pm

Full Name:giovanni patino jr
Other Online Games played:gamezaion,aq,crossfire
Number of hours to stay OL:8:00am to 7:pm [weakend]
GM Experience:i have no experience but i have a ability to be a game master bacause ihave god in my heart!!!!
Educational Background:bisu in bohol!!!!
Computer Skills:i have i few learning about computer like programming and a downloader of games like webaion and other sites of aion!!!!
Why we will hire you?because i have a abilty to bacome a gm and god in my heart
How can you help the server?by telling the players of our communty to try to play webaion!!!!!and see the difference !!!
Contact Info:facebook

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