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<Hersheys> GM Application

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1 <Hersheys> GM Application on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:06 pm

Real Name : Arnie Jake Rosco <AionMaster>Hersheys

Sex : M.

Age : 21

Country : Alberta Canada, Bohol Philippines

Online Time:8:00- 12:00 T-TH 9:00 - 12:00 WMF

Languages : English Fluently, French, Filipino

Game playing experience: I have played mmo's for 11 years now. I have played many games all the way from supereme Destiny, Runescape to WoW, Rf online, Conquer 2.0, Lineage (I and II), Silkroad, 2moons/Dekaron,Ragnarok, Gunbound, Cabal, 9 Dragons, Final Fantasy XI, perfect world... and of course Aion for almost a year..

How can I help your server:

As said above, I have excessive mmo experience; as well as Game Master experience behind me. I know that any position I am assigned to not only represents myself but represents the server as a whole. That being said I take my actions done as a staff member with the utmost seriousness and tread with caution. I will watch over the server to solve problems, disputes,hack reports, bugs, dupe items and sometimes punish people disobeying the Rules & Regulation of The Game.

Game time is another large factor I can offer, I almost always have my laptop with me (whether it be at home or at Work). I can be easily contacted through msn, forums, texting, or any other method.

I am a person of research and knowledge, I enjoy learning new things and exploring what can be offered to me. I believe I am quite reliable in the collection and formal distribution of data and announcements through this as anecdotal evidence.

I have a great deal of anti-hacking and bug abuse experience behind me, I commonly update myself to know what the latest hacks are and how to find out if someone is abusing something. I use many forum outlets such as the very common elitepvpers website. I am highly accurate and efficient, and ensure that I am 100% confident if I judge someone to be in the wrong. Another benefit is that I am a very honest person, I can leave you assured that I will not lie or fall under bias.

The purpose why I'm Applying for a Game Master is to provide players with an enjoyable gaming environment. To be responsible for monitoring and regulating the in-game environment to provide a fair, safe and enjoyable game play experience. I play a major role in rescuing player characters that have become stuck, take action against 3rd party tool users, and respond to user requests for issues such as lost items etc.

As A GM I support the players directly, via in-game interaction or the PlayOnline Viewer chat console. I Can also serve as a point of contact for issues that are best addressed by a GM, and address player violations of in-game policies. This includes cautions, warnings, suspensions, and terminations. I must inform the HeadAdmin about Account Administration to approve any severe disciplinary action.

I also Inspired with this Steps....

■Provide professional and courteous customer service.
■Convey as much information as possible to the players without disclosing any confidential information.
■Assist customers' needs to the greatest possible degree.
■Respond to players' questions and concerns in a consistent manner.
■Provide an enjoyable gaming environment for the players.

Being a Good GM I will...

-Hosting different kind of events in-game, a game to make players happy.
-Guiding players & Keeping them updated in the Game
-Investigating cases & keeping 3rd program users tracked down, dupe items and other cases resulting hacked of the game.(ONLINE)
-Investigating Bug Abuser, Cheaters,Dupers, and make sure that hackers get punished because if they cant Play fair then I let them get out of the game..
- Recruiting More Players As Much as I Can..

Last words :

"A good Game Master draws the players into the adventure, making it enjoyable for everyone. Good Game Master have quick minds, sharp wits, and rich imaginations. Game Master must also maintain Game Balance":

Thank you for reading through my application and I hope to join the ranks of the wonderful staff members here. Very Happy

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2 Re: <Hersheys> GM Application on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:17 pm

Your Application Will Be Reviewed By The Admin, Please Wait a Couple of days..

We will announced if you got the position.

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3 Re: <Hersheys> GM Application on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:42 am

I KNOW him hes a good GM in aion overdose and he is good GM also in gamezaion!!!!!! i vote for him Smile Very Happy

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