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WebAion PH Added FREE ABG drops promo part 2 + Archon Primus Pilus item drops!!

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WebAion PH New Featuer!!

FREE ABG drops promo part 2!! We also added Archon Primus Pilus (APP) item drops at selected mobs also (same as the abg drop location).

What is Archon Primus Pilus (APP):
~ it is an Abbys item next ranked after Elite Archon Tribunus (EAT) items. APP contains more PvP attack/defense before ABG. This item is more advisable to use during PvP.

Drop Details:

#Silentera Elite Friar
-- 216361 ABG/APP Gloves, Boots and Spear
# Silentera Elite Healer
-- 216392 ABG/APP Brogans, Breastplate and Greatsword
#Silentera Elite Monk
-- 216385 ABG/APP Jewel, Breeches and Leggings
#Silentera Elite Sniper
-- 216397 ABG/APP Chauses, Guantlets and Staff
#Silentera Elite Spiritmaster
-- 216383 ABG/APP Sword, Jerkin and Pauldrons
#Silentera Elite Summoner
-- 216359 ABG/APP Longbow, Handguards and Greaves
#Silentera Elite Watcher
-- 216389 ABG/APP Tome, Shoulderguards and Shoes
#Silentera Elite Sentinel
-- 216381 ABG/APP Warhammer, Hauberk and Sabatons
#Silentera Elite Reanimator
-- 216400 ABG/APP Vambrace, Tunic and Dagger
#Laksyaka Head Marksman
-- 216375 ABG/APP Spaulders, Shoulderplates and Shield
#Laksyaka Agent
-- 216234 ABG/APP Corundum Earrings and Torquise Ring
#Laksyaka Legatus
-- 216184 ABG/APP Corundum Ring and Torquise Earrings
#Laksyaka Bloodboss
-- 216372 ABG/APP Corundum Necklace and Torquise Necklace

Gelkmaros ABG/APP Drops Locations:

Inggison ABG/APP Drops Locations:

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