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Server Feature Update!! 07/16/11

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1 Server Feature Update!! 07/16/11 on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:44 am

WebAion PH server update!!

*Added Stormwing, ES and MS Drops to Selected Silentera Mobs and spawned specific PvP maps.

Silentera Mob details:

A.) ## Silentera Anchorite - 216401
*Added Drops: Storwing's Sword, Warhammer, Tunic, Enchantment Stones and Manastones
*Silentera Anchorites were spawned at Heiron:

B.) ##Silentera Elite Ambusher - 216380
*Added Drops: SW Jerkin, Jewel, GreatSword, MS and ES
*Silentera Elite Ambusher were also spawned at Heiron (same location with the Anchorite)

C.) ##Silentera Elite Assasin - 216396
*Added Drops: SW Leggings, Dagger, Tome, MS and ES
*Silentera Elite Assasin were spawned at Beluslan:

D.) ##Silentera Elite Bodyguard - 216395
*Added Drops: SW BreastPlate, Staff, Longbow, MS and ES
*Silentera Elite Bodyguard were also spawned at Beluslan (same location with the Assassin)

E.) ##Silentera Dark Sorcerer - 216390
*Added Drops: SW Hauberk, Gloves, Scale shield, MS and ES
*Silentera Dark Sorcerer were spawned at Western Shard of Latesran (Abyss)

F.) Silentera Elite Assualter - 216387
*Added Drops: SW Chausses, Shoes, Pauldrons, MS and ES
*Silentera Elite Assualter were spawned at Eastern Shard of Latesran (Abyss)

G.) Silentera Elite Chanter - 216393
*Added Drops: SW Spaudlders, Boots, Greaves, MS and ES
*Silentera Elite Chanter were spawned inside the Core (Abyss)

H.) Jotun Juggernaut - 216367
*Added Drops: SW Sabatons, Shoulderguards, Handguards, MS and ES
*Jotun Juggernaut were spawned at Heiron outside the Observatory

I.) Juton Creator - 215837
*Added Drops: SW Brogans, Breeches, Guantlets, MS and ES
*Juton Creator were spawned outside the Hoarfrost Fortress

*Use rifts upon entering enemy maps. (see http://www.aionology.com/2009/09/aion-rift-locations/)
*When Entering the Core at Abyss, you should use the upper (top) reshanta hole and don't touch or pass its sun-like barrier.
*Jutons are tough. We advise to be with the group when hunting it.

~More Updates and Fixes!! Stay tuned ^^~

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